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RHVFC visits RHES for Fire Prevention Week

On September 30th, 2021, Officers and Members started Fire Prevention Week 2021 off by visiting Rock Hall Elementary School. The goal was to teach the students about the sounds of fire safety. RHVFC members shared fire prevention and safety tips.

The students, Pre-K through 5th grade, were taught about the differences between smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and different sounds they make. Knowing what to do when an alarm sounds will keep you and your family safe. When an alarm makes noises – a three beeps for a smoke alarm and four beeps for a CO alarm – you must take action. The students were also taught about the chirp sound the alarms make when the batteries need to be changed.

The students were also taught the importance of staying low to the ground when there is smoke in the home, sleeping with their bedroom doors closed (Close Before You Dose), how to check a room door for heat/high temperatures, and how to escape using an escape plan and meeting point. They really enjoyed learning about the fire truck and ambulance equipment.

Additional Fire Prevention activities are planned throughout the Rock Hall Community during Fire Prevention Week which is October 3rd through October 10th.

Photo Credit: Rock Hall Elementary School

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