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2020 'Not So' Sexy Fireman's Calendar

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The Officers and Members of the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company have embarked on a new fundraiser to assist with raising funds for equipment upgrades and tools.

Various members of the company posed for the 2020 ‘Not So’ Sexy Fireman’s Calendar and one of Rock Hall’s bravest is featured each month! The calendar fundraiser idea was brought to the company by President R.J. Dowling with the intention of raising funds to replace outdated equipment and tools. The President who is featured as the month of May said “he wanted to see a calendar fundraiser similar to what larger fire companies do using the same sexy poses, but with us”.

The Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company is a 501-C4 organization and was organized in 1927. The organization provides emergency services to the Town of Rock Hall and neighboring municipalities.

The company has two main funding sources, one being government funding which makes up 35% of the operating budget and the other funding source being company generated which makes up 65% of the operating budget, some examples of company generated funding includes fundraising, donations and ambulance billing fees. In addition to having families, jobs and protecting the community and responding to emergencies, the members of the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company work tirelessly throughout the year to meet fundraising goals so they have the updated equipment and tools to keep the community and our families safe.

The calendar fundraiser is an opportunity for the community to see Rock Hall’s bravest like you’ve (hopefully) never seen them before. It provides a year’s worth of pictures you won’t believe some of the members had the nerve to take.

Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company Fundraising Chairperson Andy Glenn who is the month of July said “the officers and members of the company are willing to try anything to raise money, even if it includes posing for a ‘not so’ sexy calendar, if you purchase a calendar, you’re in for a real treat. In all seriousness, this is a great way to support the company who is there to respond to your emergency when you need us”.

The calendars are available for $20.00 each and can be purchased by contacting any member of the company, the Business Office at (410) 639-7888 or (443) 480-0527, or picked up from one of these participating businesses - Rock Hall Lumber, Village Hardware and Garden Center (ACE) or Pasta Plus.

Please support the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company by purchasing your calendar today, so we can continue to respond to emergencies --- with our shirts on!

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