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A message from the President

Official Statement From the President of the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company

At this time I would like to issue an apology to the community on behalf of myself, and the Board of Directors of the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company. Last Wednesday, June 17, 2020, the Board of Directors met to make a final decision on the Fourth of July fireworks. The Board was given information that the State Fire Marshall’s office was not issuing permits for fireworks displays due to COVID-19. The decision was made to postpone the fireworks, and this information was disseminated to the public. The information about the Fire Marshall’s office not issuing permits turned out to be false. The RHVFC was not aware of that at the time. The Board of Directors has again met and discussed this matter. The

fireworks are still postponed, as it does not seem possible to properly enforce social distancing for an event of this scale at this time. They will however be rescheduled to a future date when it is safe to hold them. The Board of Directors of the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company, as well as myself, do sincerely apologize to the public for the misunderstanding on our part, and the misinformation that was inadvertently released. We would also like to apologize to the Maryland State Fire Marshall’s office for any issues our statement may have caused them. As always, we appreciate the support of the

community we serve, and strive to be both accurate and honest in our communications.

Respectfully Submitted,

R.J. Dowling

President - RHVFC

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