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Dickie Jacquette celebrates 20 Years of Service.

The Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company would like to congratulate Dickie Jacquette on 20 years of service. Dickie joined RHVFC in 2000 and quickly became an integral part of our company.

A long-time resident of Rock Hall, Dickie has served his community proudly and selflessly, at times with personal sacrifice to his business. He would close his garage down when the siren would ring to serve his community and he did so without hesitation or regret. His expertise in automotive repair has been of great value to the RHVFC as he helped keep ambulances and other fire equipment operational.

For many years Dickie was the RHVFC top responder, having responded to the most calls for the year. Even when he moved out of state, Dickie spent every Tuesday night in Rock Hall making sure that ambulance responded to any call. He not only has served as an EMT, but also as an ambulance driver, Chief Engineer, President of RHVFC. He has also served on the Board of Directors.

Dickie’s selflessness, sacrifice and compassion for his community define what it means to be a volunteer. We are grateful for his service and commend him for his dedication!

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